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Nature's Bounty Garlic Tablets; 2000 mg; 120 Count

Nature's Bounty Garlic Tablets; 2000 mg; 120 Count

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Product Description:

Promote your heart and circulatory health with Nature's Bounty Garlic Tablets. Garlic has been traditionally utilized for supporting heart and circulatory function, and our 2000 mg garlic tablets continue this tradition in a convenient, daily supplement.

Specially designed with an enteric coating, these tablets bypass the stomach, diminishing the unpleasant taste of garlic for those who are sensitive. This coating serves as a barrier, enabling absorption in the small intestine for maximum benefits.

Nature's Bounty Garlic Tablets are odor-free, ensuring no lingering garlic smell. Made with the utmost attention to quality, these tablets are gluten-free and contain no sugar, artificial flavors, or sweeteners.

With 120 tablets per bottle, you have a four months’ supply to promote your heart and circulatory health.


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