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Nature's Bounty Black Cohosh Capsules; 540 mg; 100 Count

Nature's Bounty Black Cohosh Capsules; 540 mg; 100 Count

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Product Description:

Nature's Bounty Black Cohosh capsules are designed to support the distinctive physiology of women, particularly during menopause. As one of the preeminent herbs for women's health, Nature's Bounty Black Cohosh offers a holistic approach to menopausal support.

Each serving helps manage hot flashes, night sweats, and mild mood changes, common symptoms associated with menopause. Enjoy the benefits of the whole herb packed into a single capsule, giving you a natural and potent supplement to make your transition smoother.

The Nature's Bounty Black Cohosh Capsules are non-GMO and gluten-free, catering to your specific dietary needs. Trust in Nature's Bounty's commitment to quality and purity in delivering a supplement that supports your overall wellbeing.

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