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Nature's Bounty Kids Disney Frozen Multivitamin Gummies; 200 Count

Nature's Bounty Kids Disney Frozen Multivitamin Gummies; 200 Count

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Product Description:

Make health a fun part of your child's day with Nature’s Bounty Disney® Frozen Kids Multivitamin Gummies. These tasty gummies are shaped like the beloved characters from Disney's Frozen, making them a hit with children aged 4 and up. With just two gummies, children receive as much Vitamin A as 13 cups of broccoli, Vitamin C as ⅔ of an orange, Vitamin D as 6 cups of milk, and Vitamin B6 as 4 green, shiny avocados.

The formula contains 13 key nutrients that support a child's immune system, eye health, bone strength, antioxidant health, and energy metabolism. Each bottle comes with a 3-6 month supply, depending on the child's age.

The product is free of GMOs, gluten, wheat, milk, lactose, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, peanuts, egg, soy, fish, sesame, and contains only 1g of sugar per gummy.

As with all Nature’s Bounty products, these multivitamin gummies are backed by 50 years of trusted, guaranteed quality and a commitment to science, ensuring only the best for your child.

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